Michele Janezic Agency

Doing business between India and Europe

About Michele Janezic

Michele JanezicMichele Janezic is an expert in International Cooperation with an experience spanning 50 countries and specially 26 years with India.

From 1977 to 1986 , she worked with Schlumberger Ltd as the International Communications Director in charge of Multi Cultural Management. She worked besides the likes of the World Wide Vice President of Marketing and Communication for Schlumberger.

From 1984 to 1986, she worked with President Jean Riboud, Chairman of Schlumberger and The French Committee (at that time), she played a pivotal role in bringing about coordination between industrialists in France and India; as the Partners of “Year of India” in France and USA.

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About Michele Janezic Agency Pvt. Ltd

Michele Janezic Agency Pvt Ltd as the name suggests, was founded by Michele Janezic, the Managing Director of the organization. With her expertise in Indo- French Business and Cooperation spanning 26 years, Michele was extremely interested in creating her own organization in India. Ever since she organized the first “Indo French IT Forum” she has been working towards establishing her presence in India.

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