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SERAP Industries

Serap Industries
SERAP Industries: French company -
World 3rd producer of Bulk Milk Coolers
Website: http://www.groupeserap.fr

Client Profile:

SERAP Industries was set up in the heart of the top milk-producing region of Europe, and since its creation in 1963, it has been a response to the increasing requirements of consumers, regarding hygiene and safety in milk preservation.

Building on this experience, SERAP Industries developed technological and innovative solutions to assist the food-processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, in preserving and transforming their delicate products.

The SERAP Industries teams are specialists in their fields and with their capacity to listen and understand the requirements, they are constantly striving to satisfy each customer, and meet his requirements and needs.
Today, SERAP equipment is acknowledged throughout the world for its quality and performance.

Our Achievements:

  • In 2005, we started the Market study, identified the prospective clients, market price, and did research of potential partners for manufacturing and subcontracting.

  • Registration of the brand in India

  • In 2006 and 2007, we handled Marketing & Sales and Service of the products.

  • Also did liaison & lobbying with government & local authorities.

  • In 2007, we earned contracts with top Indian companies in order to get good references to facilitate sales.

  • We made installation & commissioning of product at the customer’s site & after-sales service.

  • We also perform recruitment, training & nursing of staff for SERAP INDUSTRIES for Installation and Commissionning etc.

  • In 2008 MJA is operating as the sole front end office for SERAP in India

  • We delivered and installed almost 100 BMC to 4 customers.

  • We have recruited an Indian commercial engineer.

  • We founded Serap India Pvt Ltd and Michele Janezic was appointed Director.

  • We purchased a land for the future plant at Village Muvala in Halol District.

  • We rented a workshop for logistics and assembling, close to the land.

  • We have set up a branch office with a guest house in Baroda.

  • In 2009, we started testing accessories from India to be validated by Serap R & D France.
    We then upgraded condensing unit components from Indian selected company.

  • Serap India Pvt Ltd imported 1000 & 2000 liters naked tank from France to be assembled with local validated accessories.

  • We started selling Indian fabrication to local customers with great success. Quality offered is at par with French fabrication.

  • We recruited a Factory Manager from France.

  • We also started building up our Indian team in recruiting Logistic, Purchase, and Technical Managers.

  • In 2010, we recruited an Indian Production Manager and trained him in our French factory
    We recruited and trained labors for manufacturing. We implemented the manufacturing line of production for 1000 & 2000 liters BMC.

  • Since 2010, we have reinforced our team with Administrative and Accountant, Human Resource, Marketing and Technical.
    Serap India Pvt Ltd produces BMC 1000 & 2000 liters capacities in Halol with imported high technical components and local supplier’s accessories.

  • In 2011 the team comprises of 60 persons. During 2011 Vibrant Gujarat we signed an MOU with the government of Gujarat

  • In 2012, Serap is starting to build up the factory.

Serap sells in 70 countries and more than 30% of its turnover is abroad. Serap is leader in France, Japan, Chile and several other countries. They also lead in innovation and know how.