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Doing business between India and Europe

Forum on “Urban Development in India and How Europe Can Help”

Trivan Mathur, Rajesh Arora & MJ business meeting Goa during EuroIndia Forum -Urban India in 2020, April 5th 2008We attend several conferences in India and in Europe to develop our project, to stay inform on development of the countries, and to meet the key players in the sector we work with.

Infrastructure is one of the major sector for us, as we purchase land or rent plant in different states of India for implementing factories, workshops, offices, hotels.

Last April 2008, we were the part of the Euro-India forum which is one of important forums giving vision and bringing opportunities to understand through the knowledge and experience of developed cities of Europe, how to implement locally; [Read more]

French Film Producer Explores Indian Market Opportunities With Us

Ajit Gupta Chairman Care TV, Alain Clert Chairman Son et Lumière, MJA Team Rajesh & Michèle at meeting at Ajit office in Mumbai feb 08Indian Television & Cinema is booming with large viewer-ship in India & abroad. Huge money is involved in the entertainment industry, here. The popularity of Indian movie & TV content is reaching everywhere in the world & its also bringing the foreign film-makers to come & shoot their movies in India with Indian technicians & artists.

On the same lines we are bringing a major European TV producer in India to shoot his new movie in India.

Alain Clert is a popular TV producer in France. He has produced many highly acclaimed TV series for Europe. He was in India with us in February 08 for exploring the possibility of shooting his movie in India. The movie is on period subject of French & English fight for the occupation of Indian States in South India in 17th century.
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A French Company’s Expansion Into India


As Serap’s front end office, we are Serap in India. We visit the client monthly to develop partnerships, business opportunities and to follow up.

In the first quarter of 2005, we conducted a market study for SERAP. The Chairman, Eric Boittin, visited India in March to meet potential clients and authorities for the validation of his market. [Read more]